Video Projects

Current Projects

Roblox Jackass:

Are the series based on jackass

How It Started:

I Decided the most awesome series of world:My Popular series

What it’s Like Now:

I Created 2 episodes of EXTREME!!! the pilot episode was relased in june 2011

Ms Paint Shorts

How It Started:

I Created More Of the projects On Windows 7 paint and ms paint

What It’s Like Now:

Viewing paint are fun but i decided other ^_^

Netural Projects

Roblox Bloopers:

How It Started:

Roblox Bloopers Was Awesome Project Thats My Epic Projects

What It’s Like Now:

Fortunately Has Not Cancelled

Roblox Skaters

How It Started:

Is A series of a epic skate

What It’s Like Now:

Not Died Only was Pause

Stick Shorts:

How It Started

I Stickly Shorts Of A Awesome Movie as not but possibly was Paused

What It’s Like Now:

Has not hentai but Is The real series

Former Projects

SSB Flash:

How it started:

I like SSB. I like Flash. So what happens when you mix the two together? I thought a video of the Portal storyline starring Lloyd might be pretty cool.

Why I Abandoned It:

The Part 6 Is The Series Finale

Chaos Faction:

How It Started:

I always wanted to use the Explosions effect for something. I then remembered EON’s Game. I thought it would be fun to make my own.

Why I Abandoned It:

At the time, I was using My computer. Recording- let alone playing- in a place with a whole crapload of moving parts thanks to the CF2 updates was impossible. Ergo I abandoned the series. Eventually, I completely forgot about the series, and even upon remembering it, continuing didn’t interest me. On the new computer, I made ROBLOX Series as a substitute for CF2, and now it’s my most popular video! In short, I have no plans of making another Chaos Faction.

Game Over Screens:

How It Started:

Im Like Of Gameovercontinue but im good of other game over screens

Why I Abandoned It:

Five Videos later Im Bored And Decided Cancel







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